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If someone else is doing your tax return – you don’t know Jack!

Why should you choose Jack Cohen to be your CPA?

Experience – Jack’s IRS background includes 20 years as a field audit manager for small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations. In 2006, he was awarded the ‘Internal Revenue Service Employee of the Year’ for large and mid-sized businesses nationwide. That’s right - #1 in the nation! Jack knows his way around the IRS; he knows the ‘system’ and how to get things done within it.

Maximum tax efficiency – Jack can plan the business tax structure that is right for you. He can recommend the strategy to suit individual situations, giving you the ability to minimize your tax liability to the maximum extent of the law.

Dialogue and discussion – Jack doesn’t use a template format that just cranks out returns. Every circumstance is different – templates overlook savings opportunities! No production lines for Jack – he prefers to think, explore and find solutions.

Looking forward, not just back – Jack provides planning for the short term, taking full advantage of tax legislation to ensure the best result, and for the long term, always considering your exit strategy.

Made in the USA – your business is dealt with right here in the USA – Jack doesn’t outsource your tax return to developing countries. A growing trend in accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation is to outsource to third world countries where the cost of labor is relatively cheap. Many CPA firms have adopted this business model to increase profitability, although never passing these savings on to clients.

Jack Cohen is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in Nevada, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.